How It Works

There is no single best how-to formula for putting your health first. With Commitment Contracts designed by, you have the opportunity to set your goals, determine a framework to help you achieve them, and get rewarded for your success. Commit@Caltech offers flexibility to find the right way for you, by offering Commitments ranging from losing weight and exercising, to spending more balanced time with your family.
Step 1: Choose Your Goal

Select a goal you’d like to achieve from the available list of options.
Step 2: Get a Referee & Invite Friends

Designate a person (usually a close friend or family member) to monitor your progress towards achieving your goal. He or she will be able to see your Commitment details and receive reminder emails each week to log in and confirm your success--holding you accountable and keeping you on the right track!

Invite other Caltech members to participate in your Commitment as your Supporters. Supporters are kept up to date on your progress and can offer encouragement and cheer you on throughout your Commitment.
Step 3: Make Progress & Succeed

Get going! Once you've created your Commitment, you log in each week or once at the end of your Contract. You'll earn Rewards Points for lots of actions along the way - from simply creating your Commitment, to submitting reports, tracking progress in your Commitment Journal, being successful, and adding a Referee or Supporters to your Contract.

Points values vary across the different types of Commitments. You can view the Points values when choosing your Commitment and from your Commitment Details page once you've made a Commitment.
Step 4: Earn Rewards!

Your Rewards Points are redeemable for some fabulous prizes in the Rewards Store. Take a look at the options to pick out something to work towards. You can save up your points for a larger item, or cash in your Points for smaller ones along the way. Check out the Points Breakdown on your Commitment Details page to see how many points you'll earn for each action. Earn rewards while getting to a healthier you!
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